BLUE CORAL are T-Top Fabricators in Pensacola, FL


BLUE CORAL offers design and fabrication of stainless steel and aluminum products including T-Tops, sport fishing towers, hand railings, boat accessories, commercial, residential, marine, and industrial.

Benefits of Towers for your Boat: Towers provide an elevated platform for sight fishing or spotting bait. The elevation allows a different perspective in seeing into the water. The higher your platform, the more fish you will see. When choosing a tower, you must take into consideration the length and beam of your boat, the usability of the tower, and height restrictions on the water, bridges, etc. Towers are great for the serious fisherman, but also a lot of fun for family and children to scout out the water.

Blue Coral will help you in deciding which tower is right for you and your boat. Because all towers are custom, shade coverage is up to you (front, back, side) whatever it takes to keep you comfortable on the water.

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Our Story


We are known for:

  • The only company in the Pensacola, Florida area that offers both Aluminum and Stainless Steel fabrication and repair of many types of Products.
  • Our quality workmanship in both design and finished product.
  • Being there before and after the finished product is installed.
  • Our extensive expertise is in all areas of boat product manufacturing, installation and repair.

BLUE CORAL is grateful for the confidence it’s many satisfied clients have expressed and there consistent insistence that we are the best in the business, consistently meeting all delivery schedules while maintaining our high standard of quality.

Please come our by facilities, or contact us to see if we can be of service to you. We would hopefully be able to add you to our ever growing list of satisfied customers.

BLUE CORAL offers the following as a basic product line, but we’re not limited to just these standard items, and we also repair any of these products:

  • Tuna Towers
  • Half Towers
  • T-Tops – various styles available
  • Ski Arches – can be made for virtually any boat
  • Hand Railing – Standard and Handicapped
  • One of A Kind Special Fabrications
  • Boat Accessories – Stainless and Aluminum
  • Marlin Tower
  • Cobia Towers
  • Leaning Posts – various styles available
  • Ladders – Ski, Dive and Special
  • Instrument Boxes – Metal and Fiberglass
  • Grab Rails – Marine and Non-marine
  • Fittings – Stainless and Aluminum
  • Fasteners – nuts, bolts and much more, all sizes

Customers That We Work With